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The AFRL LabHack Hackathon

in coordination with the SOCOM SOFIC Hackathon

Mission Accomplished!

The Air Force Research Laboratory Labhack is joining with the DoD Special Operation Command to create a three site joint Hackathon. Sites in Tampa Florida, Rome New York and Dayton Ohio will be joined via WebEx to tackle problems unique to our special operations forces that have crossover appeal for commercial use. Special Operations Personnel will introduce specific challenges at the opening of the Hackathon. On Sunday the submissions will be judged and the winning concepts will be presented at the kickoff of the annual Special Operation Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) on Monday 23 May 2016. Winners will be invited to attend this conference in Tampa Florida and present their solutions.

2016 Hackathon Locations

Griffiss Institute - Rome NY

Wright Brothers Institute - Dayton OH

Doolittle Institute (SOFWORX facility) - Tampa FL

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