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Audio Pipeline Challenge

Dirty and indecipherable audio is a fact of life. As it stands, it consumes far to much time. It is... read more


Batman is the codename for a AFRL project related to real-world object geolocation with the technology we all carry in... read more

Everyone's a Winner (goodies!)

Yes, you heard it right, folks. Everyone’s a winner at LabHack. Thanks to our sponsors, all participants get a LabHack... read more

High School Team Challenge

We also have a special prize category for High School teams that would like to participate. These teams will be... read more


Rocky is a good, old-fashioned capture the flag event. Don’t hack anything yet, we’ll be providing target information on Saturday!... read more


Upshot is the SOCOM codename for a project around field translation of handwritten documents. Awards First Place: $400/team Second Place:... read more