This year's Swarm & Search AI event is a Capture the Flag competition – head-to-head, AI versus AI. Just like in the real world, you won’t know what your opponent might do until the battle begins. How will your AI agent respond?

This collaborative challenge formulated by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the United States and the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (dstl) in the UK, in partnership with the Wright Brothers Institute will bring together competitive AI experts from around the world. The 2021 virtual competition will build on the 2019 Swarm and Search AI Challenge: Fire Hack but will push the AI technology much further. Participant teams will not only compete against the agents designed by AFRL and dstl, but will also compete against each other, pushing their solutions to the limit.

Teams will be given a small swarm of drones, of different types and with different capabilities. The challenge is to build an AI agent that can balance competing objectives to find and capture your opponent’s flag and bring it home, whilst also defending your own flag. Teams will need to develop collaborative behaviors for their swarm that are resilient to whatever the adversary might do, and quickly learn from experience to avoid repeating mistakes. The team that first captures the opponent’s flag and brings it to the home location wins that competition. If neither team can capture the flag within a set time limit, the team closest to bringing the flag home will win.

The mission of the “Swarm and Search AI Challenge Series: Capture the Flag” is to increase the innovation, research, and development pipeline of artificial intelligence discovery.

How you create the agent is up to you – whether rules-based, pure machine learning, or a hybrid approach, we are excited to see what you can do!

Competition one-page description download

See Competition Framework for details.